Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

When a power station harnesses geothermal power in the correct manner, there are no by products, which are harmful to the environment. Environmentalists should be happy about that! There is also no consumption of any type of fossil fuels. In addition, geothermal energy does not output any type of greenhouse effect. After the construction of a geothermal power plant, there is little maintenance to contend with. In terms of energy consumption, a geothermal power plant is self-sufficient. Another advantage to geothermal energy is that the power plants do not have to be huge which is great for protecting the natural environment.


There are several disadvantages to geothermal energy. First, you cannot just build a geothermal power plant in some vacant land plot somewhere. The area where a geothermal energy power plant would be built should consist of those suitable hot rocks at just the right depth for drilling. In addition, the type of rock must be easy to drill into. It is important to take care of a geothermal site because if the holes were drilled improperly, then potentially harmful minerals and gas could escape from under ground. These hazardous materials are nearly impossible to get rid of properly. Pollution may occur due to improper drilling at geothermal stations. Unbelievably, it is also possible for a specific geothermal area to run dry lose steam.