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  Did you ever hear of an Aye-Aye??  Well I'll tell you what they are.  They're one of the most rarest mammals on earth.  It has long fingers and big eyes for hunting at night.  An Aye-Aye is the world's largest primate.  They will grow thirty to thirty-seven cm long and have a tail that's between fourty-four to fifty-three cm long. They weigh about 2.5 kilograms.  Now there is only one species of an Aye-Aye around now.  In the past there was another type of an Aye-Aye it was much larger than it is now but it has became instinct.  It has sharp, growing teeth up front, like a rabbit or a rat.  At first they thought that it was going to be a rodent but then they realized that it had ears like a bat, and the tail of a squirrel.  Also, the fingers on the animal looks nothing like an animal they have ever seen and it has the face of a racoon.
  The only place that you can find them is in the dark, in moist forests, and in the Eastern part of Madagascar.  They eat insect larvae, ramy nuts, and some vegetations.  They have a long and thin middle finger, called lemur, made for picking trees for the larvae in side of the trees.  They usually make nests up high and only a few times do they actually come down.  When they come to the ground the walkon all four legs.  An Aye-Aye will meet another one any time of the year, and are pregnant for seven months.  The record for a living Aye-Aye is 23 years old.